Studio Equipment List

Music Instruments

Moog Minitaur More info Check Price

Moog Mother 32 Check Price

Roland SE-02 Jimi’s Toolbox Post   Check Price

1994 Fender Telecaster American Check Price

2011 Original Esp Eclipse Standard Check Price

2002 Martin D-15M Acoustic Check Price

Michael Kelly Dragonfly 5-String Fretless Acoustic

Hardware Audio Effects

Strymon Bigsky

Korg SDD-3000 digital delay

Boss Chorus CH-1 Check Price

Boss Compression Sustainer CS-3 Check Price

Boss Acoustic Simulator AC-2 Check Price

DOD Grunge

Control and Signal

Ableton Push 2 Check Price

Akai Professional MPK261 Check Price


Shure Sm57 Lo Z Check Price

Mackie Onyx 1640i Check Price

Maudio midisport 2×2 Check Price

Steinburg UR44 Check Price


Tascam 112 Cassette

Zoom h6 Check Price

Superscope Cassette Model TR-450 C-200LP


Ableton Live Suite

Live rig laptop 64 bit i7 2.4ghz 16g Ram Win10 250GB SSD
Studio computer 64 bit i7 3.6ghz 16g Ram Win10 1TB SSD


VST and Plugins